When Zaid started kindergarten his teachers immediately alerted us that his behaviour was not normal and that we should have an assessment done. This was not an easy time for our family. We had to accept that our intelligent, beautiful, loving child was now considered “special needs”. Suddenly we were overwhelmed by all sorts of tests and experts. However, when we went to Al -Masar they advised us that rather than focussing on a diagnosis we would be better treating his issues through therapies. We liked this approach and decided to go with it.

Zaid started occupational therapy sessions twice weekly and we immediately started at home with an action plan or sensory diet put together by Al –Masar. Zaid was getting targeted help by experts who could help him master his movements and help him control his emotions better. Before therapy he couldn’t sit on a swing without screaming, he could barely hold a pen while his classmates drew pictures and wrote. He had to leave the room during noisy group activities.

Slowly, things began to improve for Zaid. His wonderful therapists taught him how to control his body. He learnt how to sit properly at a desk, to hold a pen and then to write, which meant he could participate properly in school. They patiently spent many hours developing his motor skills so he could catch a ball or stand on one leg. Earlier this year and after about two years of twice weekly therapy sessions, Zaid finished his regular sessions in Al Masar.

There are still challenges but he is a regular boy in a regular class with no special treatment. He has many friends and his confidence grows all the time. We are delighted that Zaid’s issues were identified and addressed early and that he got the help and understanding he needed.


Samia Kadoura

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