Vocational Training at Al-Masar School

Vocational Training at Al-Masar School

Seeking to be actively responsive to our students’ needs, this year Al-Masar School  started implementing a transition plan to preparing our teen aged (16+) students for their lives beyond Al-Masar. Some of them may be with us for few more years, while for others, this year may be their last. Aiming to equip our students with skills that will prepare them to be as adaptive and independent as possible, the transition plan incorporates a vocational training element.

Students are receiving on the job training in two places in the community, where they are actively developing their vocational skills. At Shams Flowers for Floral and Gardening Services, one of our students is taking part in management of the cleanliness of the shop, while the other is aiding in the planting of the flowers.

Whereas at “Miles Supermarket”; our students are taking part in packaging fruits and vegetables.




Al Masar is also providing the students with supported work experience. In cooperation with Master – a national stationary industry, light industrial tasks are brought to Al-Masar School, where students learn how to handle materials, assemble, and pack them in addition to controlling inventory.

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