My experience with Al-Masar is special, unique, and thank God has been a successful one, as I have reached what I was searching for. I am a mother of three children, but I will mention my experience with Muneib, my youngest child. Muneib was loved by all, and he was always happy with a smile on his face.

During early Kindergarten, I never noticed any problems with Muneib except for the way he held the pencil and his hand manipulation skills during cutting and writing.  His teacher used to tell me that Muneib had short attention span and that he never followed directions because he was spoiled.

When Muneib finished second grade, he had difficulties in reading and writing, and his skills were at the first term of first grade level. This was when I approached Al-Masar to find a solution for the problem. I was worried and tired, but I felt safe after I had explained my anxieties, and felt the concern and professionalism of Al-Masar staff. An assessment was administered and he was diagnosed with Specific Learning Difficulties, and a remedial plan was drafted and implemented.

For one year and a half, Muneib had two sessions a week at Al-Masar. These sessions were sufficient to put him back on the right track where his skills became compatible with those of his classmates in fourth grade. He has also gained confidence and is now participating in school functions and activities.

I used to watch Muneib with great pleasure how he would run towards Al-Masar’s main entrance happy to see his teacher. I also used to get feedback when I picked him up after his sessions. Sometimes, he was given homework, and there was always good use of reinforcers that boosted his motivation to learn.

Relationships between staff, students and parents were warm. I always remember Al-Masar with great gratitude. We are continuously in touch with the staff there, and I believe they are the very competent in the field of learning difficulties.

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