We have never regretted our move to Jordan and a big part of it is because we found the therapists and teachers at Al-Masar who worked very hard to give our autistic son Joseph hopes for a better future. Joseph, now 4-year-old, has come a long way since he started in Al-Masar two years ago. It is so nice to see him developing in every area – speech, occupational, and academically.  When we first came to Amman, Al-Masar admitted him immediately into the Early Intervention Program and the teachers treated him in such a wonderful way that he could not wait to get on the morning bus to go to his favorite school. For the first year, he was going to Al-Masar every day in the morning for the Early Intervention Program and had therapies in the afternoon – with such an intense program he was ready to be mainstreamed in one year.

The teachers at Al-Masar did wonders making him more social, teaching him how to interact with others, and developing his skills. The occupational therapists developed in him many gross and fine motor skills needed to execute necessary daily functions, as well as to strengthen his body. He immensely enjoyed the hydrotherapy which is great for his physical development. When he was diagnosed with autism at 2 years age, just before our move to Jordan, the developmental pediatrician told us he might never talk. Now he can’t stop talking thanks to his speech therapists at Al-Masar and their wonderful work. Also, academically, with the support of his special education teacher, he achieved heights that we thought he would never be able to achieve.

Just to give you an idea of his progress, he came as a boy with no more than 10 simple words and in two years’ time is now speaking with 3 to 4-word sentences and even using more complex structures like past tense, comparatives, adverbs and adjectives. This is huge!

I would whole-heartedly recommend Al-Masar for their professionalism, constant development of the personal’s skills through training, and for the warm welcome they extend tthe children every day at work.

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