About Al-Masar

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Early Intervention

Al-Masar Child Development Services was established in 2006 in Amman-Jordan by a group of professionals in the fields of rehabilitation and special education. Our vision is to have a center of excellence that recruits the highest caliber of professionals providing challenged children and their families with a comprehensive range of educational and therapeutic services.

We seek to assist children with developmental disorders, neurological dysfunctions and learning difficulties to reach their full potential. By taking a holistic approach to evaluation and treatment, we assess each child’s developmental level and underlying differences in order to better understand challenges, unique skills and learning styles. We develop individualized plans that maximize the child’s achievement, community integration and functional independence.


• Al-Masar’s philosophy is based on respecting the individuality and dignity of each child.

• We believe that children with developmental challenges should be given every opportunity to develop to their full potential.

• We believe that children with developmental difficulties can be most effectively helped to reach their maximum potential through the interdisciplinary team work of a comprehensive range of educational and rehabilitation specialties.

• We believe in employing a family centered approach in delivering our services, where parents are an integral part of our team.

• We strongly support the rights of all children to participate in natural settings within their communities. Accordingly, we emphasize community integration and aim to transition our students to mainstream education whenever possible.

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